INSIGHTS MDI® encompasses analysis of the behavior, strengths and weaknesses of the individual and the team, as well as their development potential, and presents them in written and graphical form.


INSIGHTS MDI® encompasses analysis of the behavior, strengths and weaknesses of the individual and the team, as well as their development potential, and presents them in written and graphical form.

It provides a comprehensive description of the behavior (natural state) and custom behavior (displayed at the workplace). In addition, it provides an insight into our driving motives that reveal what drives our enthusiasm and ambition. It provides insight into EQ, i.e. the ability of the person to see, understand and direct his emotions in order to achieve better interaction and increase productivity.


• INSIGHTS MDI® does not measure intelligence, nor character features, but what can be changed and improved.
• Provides a detailed description of behaviors and preferences in the behavior of the person as well as the driving motives behind a particular type of behavior.

Why Insights Mdi®?
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What color do you radiate?

Insights MDI® tool helps us in the colorful and unforgettable way primarily to understand ourselves, and then others, to adapt to various communication situations, and to use that knowledge in the best possible way in order to improve interpersonal relationships and cooperation.

Insights MDI® tool methodology uses an easily recognizable and memorable 4 color model to help you understand your style of behavior, communication, your advantages and values that one brings to his/her work environment. What is your color: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue?

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle

Clear motives - better communication

Communication is the most effective when we take into account the needs and expectations of our interlocutor, which enables us to adapt to his / her personal communication style stemming from his dominant color. Each of us is an individual world, with all its specifics, thus our style of behavior, communication, our needs and expectations differ.

Insights MDI® tool helps us not only get to know ourselves better, but also how to use this knowledge to interact with others and achieve more effective communication. The tool provides us with an “instruction” how to set up each color, how to expose the information we want to transfer, and how to become more flexible in communication.

Insights MDI® helps us discover and understand the motives that drive us.

Our motives represent the objective through which we observe the world, what fills us and what causes our initiative. They are deeply in all of us but most of us never learn how to define and use them in the best possible way. Insights MDI® illuminates differences in perspective and explains them, making it easier for others to understand themselves.

When our motives are satisfied, we feel engaged, rewarded and energetic. And when we are passionate about what we do, we will achieve even better results.

To whom it is intended?

To all who want to improve their communication style, to be more aware of their style of behavior and impressions they make while interacting with others, those who want to manage their time more effectively, and those who want to be more effective in interacting with different type of people.

What does the individiaul get?

  • A better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses
  • A comprehensive plan of personal development
  • Better relationships with others
  • Better time management

What is the color of your team?

Each team is more than the sum of its members. Individual development of team members is not enough to improve the overall team, a wider picture is needed – how does each individual fit into the team, what is his role, with what he/she contributes to, and with which hinders the team? Insights MDI® through its Team Report responds to these questions and your team leads to a higher level of functioning.

The talent gets matches, but teamwork and intelligence win the championships – Michael Jordan

More efficient solutions with a coordinated team

By reviewing and comparing the individual styles of behavior, motives and values of team members, we get a comprehensive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

What does it mean if your team is mostly red-yellow? How to use the blue team members in the best possible way? What does “lack” of certain styles mean and how to deal with it? By analyzing the different behavior styles and team Circle, we get the answers to these questions and thus insight into the structure and dynamics of the team – what is the key information to know how the team actually works, which relations and people are key to the effectiveness of the team and if someone ” sticks out ” from the others.

In every team and work, communication is the key to success. Insights MDI® gives insights into the style of team communication, and in addition, tips on how to get a better understanding of team members and better interpersonal relationships.

The analysis of the motive and values of team members provides us with information on how to make the team engaged, committed and motivated, which are factors that lead to stress, and where potential sources of conflict are.

Insights MDI® provides the ideal basis for the formation of strategies for the division of tasks and roles that will lead to both maximum productivity and maximum team satisfaction.

To whom it is intended?

Newly-formed teams that need to get to know each other and “get on their feet”, to all challenging teams, as well as teams that want to be even stronger, better and more efficient.

What do the teams get

  • More effective communication and better interpersonal relationships
  • Reduced stress and less conflict
  • Clearly defined team culture
  • Strategies for boosting strength and minimizing team weaknesses

What color is the job?

Even the best talents can not use their potential to the maximum if they are not in the right place in the organization. Insights MDI® analysis provides a simple job requirement assessment that is a great basis for all company development processes.

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned. – Benjamin Franklin

Organized company is a successful company

Insights MDI® offers a comprehensive job analysis that determines which behaviors are necessary for success at a given workplace and which values and motivations support and rewards are needed at a given position. With this comprehensive comparison, the selection process gets added value and becomes faster, and with a precise job analysis, the process of reorganization or restructuring is easier and simpler. Knowledge of what values and motives a job implies and rewards, provides a scientifically based assessment and definition of company culture, as well as an assessment of the inclusion of employees in culture.

The inheritance plan is indispensable for all organizations that take care of their future and want to stay on the market in the long run. Information on what inheritance position requires the candidate and how it fits in is no longer sufficient – so we introduce emotional intelligence that distinguishes between managers and leaders.

The organization grows faster and better operates when the commitment of employees is higher. Insights MDI® offers very practical and applicable tips to motivate and manage your employees and how to provide them with the environment they need to exercise their maximum.

To whom it is intended?

For organizations that are going through changes or challenges, as well as new companies that want to grow on a quality basis.

What does the organization get

  • A faster and more efficient selection process
  • A higher quality inheritance plan
  • Higher commitment and employee satisfaction
  • Faster growth of business

Areas That Insights MDI® Cover Are:

General characteristics of our behavior

What kind of contribution an individual brings to the work environment / team

Communication: communication style of the person; tips on how to communicate, and how not to communicate

Reputation: how a person sees himself/herself, and how does the environment see him/her when under moderate or high stress

Natural and adaptive style of behavior

Thieves of time - in which areas and behaviors people spend most of their time

Areas for further development

Hierarchy 12 key ways to behave in a business environment

General characteristics of our motives and values

Description of primary, situational and indifferent motives


Concepts of behavior and motives

Ideal environment

Key motivation tips

Key management tips

Project Management

Transforming your business and strategies

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Payable Accounting

Better managing cash flow.

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Receivable Accounting

Ensure automatization of your account receivable

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Financial Reporting

Combine deep analysis for operational and strategic performance.

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