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Insight MDI®

Helps us discover and understand the motives that drive us, how to define them and use in the best possible way.

Lego® Serious Play®

Methodology is a structured workshop for strategic thinking, improvement of team work, decision making and problem solving in the business environment, and the results are directly aligned with the business goals of the company.

Staff leasing

The possibility of staff leasing gives you the opportunity to reduce administrative costs by giving over our company the role of an employer for your employees. We take care of personnel and legal processes in accordance with your needs, thus yours focus can be switched on business development.

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About us

Who We Are

HR Partners company offers a wide range of professional services in the field of management and human resource development. The key to the success of our company is well-coordinated team of devoted people.

Our Mission

By researching and analyzing trends, innovations and best practices, we build teams that can transform companies and firmly believe thatPEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Our Aproach and Values

Long term

Our team

Veliša Stamatović
Veliša Stamatović
Draško Nikolić
Draško Nikolić
International Recruitment Director
Mirjana Tomić
Mirjana Tomić
Hospitality Recruitment Officer
Dušica Stojanović
Dušica Stojanović
Recruitment Officer
Stanislava Nestorovoić
Stanislava Nestorovoić
External Associate

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