ProFin is a professional outsourcing company

Dedicated to provide full scale of accounting, payroll, project management and financial consulting services. Primarily, we serve small and medium size companies who has foreign owners, and the usage of English is expected.

Our Services

We automate operational and financial processes for optimal management

At Profin, we put our expertise in practical work and real-world success to provide the best service to our clients using the best resources in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. Our senior analysts and consultants have an average of more than 15 years of experience helping businesses solve problems, improve their opportunities and providing savings to our clients.

Our team dedicates their time to get the best outputs available for our clients through diligent work and analysis.

Project Management

Transforming your business and strategies.

Payable Accounting

Better managing cash flow.

Receivable Accounting

Ensure automatization of your account receivable.

Financial Reporting

Combine deep analysis for operational and strategic performance.

Basic Principles

Our Basic Work Principles
Focus on Relationship.

We are a firm composed of professionals who are fully committed in every project, no matter how big or small. The relationship between our teams and clients is extremely important to create a finished solution that satisfies client needs. We retain Insight, they’ll from proposal research through solution implementation.

Multi-Purpose approach.

There are many complex challenges facing businesses today and cannot be solved by single approach game plan. Our team provides customized expertise from multiple approaches methodologies which requires technical knowledge from different industries.


Working together with our clients allow us to evaluate, propose, implement and monitor solutions more efficiently. Knowledge transfer from our teams to clients is an important part of every solution.


Adequate productive outputs are the only accepted measures we rely upon. List of successful implementation engagements that meet or exceed our client expectations proves our dedication and commitment to our clients.

Projektni menadžment

Transformišemo vaše poslovanje i strategije.

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Obaveze prema dobavljačima

Produktivnije upravljanje novčanim tokovima.

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Automatizacija vaših potraživanja.

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Finansijsko izveštavanje

Kombinacija analize operativnih i strateških performansi.

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