Emotional Intelligence in Business

Why is the emotional intelligence necessary in business?

We all know people who were never the best students, but who have launched successful careers and maintained a wide network of valuable friends and acquaintances. We all know very intelligent people with a limited set of social skills. Knowledge, technical skills, expertise, experience, licenses and diplomas are the basic conditions for quality work, but they are far from sufficient.

What distinguishes a high-performing employee from an average performer? Precisely the “soft skills”, which can be qualified under the concept of emotional intelligence.

What do you get out of our training?

Trainees will learn:

  • What emotional intelligence is, and how to use it in business
  • How to recognize one’s own emotions, and how to learn to use them for progress and development
  • How to recognize emotions in others, and how to learn to respect them, in order to establish better interpersonal relationships
  • How to avoid stressful and unproductive situations, caused by uncontrolled emotions

How do we work?

The training is interactive; we combine lectures, presentations, practical exercises, group and individual work, aiming to help you acquire the new knowledge efficiently, and transfer it to practice with ease.

Training Duration:

1 day

How to apply?

Our trainings are organized in small groups, and you can book your spot, or ask for additional information, via e-mail: treningcentar@hrpartners.me, or by calling us at +382 69 116 116.